“The line between disorder and Order Lies in Logistics” – Warehousing as a Function.

Warehousing is a critical part of the supply chain Network. At AVGO, its essential to ensure end to end safety and security as the nature of the shipments that move across borders are DG goods, therefore our Team consists of trained experts that maintain and practice a set of Procedures and retain a well informed guarded approach to collect, store, move and deliver Dangerous Goods (DG) inside and outside the UAE. The warehouse located at SAIF Zone, Sharjah safeguards employees and professionals marking their utmost safety alongside maintaining controlled standards of the DG stored shipments.

Due to the demand of the Door to Door services that AVGO offers, the warehouse has been designed to hold in transit goods and does not aim to store shipments for future use. The warehouse is designed meeting IATA standards, the Dubai government and ISO 18001 requirements. On the other side, an extension of our services also transport Non DG goods and OBC Services. Storage at this time needs to be planned in a way that the warehouse conditions of one shipment requirements do not clash with another shipment with different warehouse conditions. 

The key objectives for establishing an insulated warehouse is to store an extensive range of DG rooms to cater to the market requirements. Our warehouse is built on an area of 1500 Sq.m and has been constructed to meet GCAA standards for DG/NDG goods.. The facility is also equipped with a proper Drain system in line with regulations that helps manage contaminated or chemical wastes in accordance with Municipality requirements.

The biggest advantage of having your own warehouse is that you can decide how to control the environment, direction and moment of your goods. You can leverage inventory control, get rid of outdated products, and pack orders in a centralized location. Next is improved workflow & flexibility. AVGO collects shipments, repacks and handovers shipments based on the clients requirement and demand of the hour

Lucky for us, the AVGO team works around the clock to ensure all shipments are delivered in a timely manner. It is imperative to say that shipments on hold due to customs, poor documentation, unforeseen circumstances are immediately rectified and our experts spare no effort and take pride in our level of Services.

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