Secured Storage and Warehousing

Storage and warehousing help businesses manage their inventory and keep goods properly stored. The ever-growing logistics and shipping industry require sufficient storage solutions to cater day-to-day operations. Store any goods in AVGO’s fully equipped warehouse in Dubai and free up your limited space. Manned with experienced professionals in the logistics industry for over 10 years, AVGO’s staff is compliant and responsible to secure your inventory.

24/7 Surveillance

Temperature Controlled

Trained Staff

Certified and Licensed

Storing Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods include substances that are explosive, flammable, combustible, corrosive, oxidizing and more. These DG Materials should be stored separately according to their class in order to avoid risks to the environment and the people. It is important to secure DG in a facility that is compliant to the health and safety requirements.

AVGO’s operational facility is manned with DG trained staff that are prepared to handle emergency precautionary procedures for DG. Each commodity is segregated according to its class and specific storage requirements.

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