AVGO Training

Why the need to take DG courses?

The objective of AVGO training is to prepare professionals and students to become well-versed in various aspects of Dangerous Goods and apply these skills in their jobs. Certain rules and regulations demand to be followed when dealing with highly Dangerous or hazardous goods. DG Specialists, Experts or cargo agents in the Freight Industry, are required to be ready to handle such shipments. The purpose of learning about Dangerous goods is for safety of the shipper, carrier, and port to avoid accidents that would create unwanted costs to client and the company.

Learn about DG to handle and transport the right way in compliance with IATA regulations.

By the end of each course, students can

  • Apply the Dangerous Goods transport Regulations correctly
  • Identify and classify Dangerous Goods
  • Label and pack Dangerous goods following IATA Regulations
  • Follow and implement safety precautions and emergency procedures for DG
  • Properly fill up declaration forms
  • Understand legal aspects and provisions for DG
  • Receive official certificate upon passing the exam
  • Cargo Agents
  • Freight forwarders or Shippers
  • Airline cargo staff
  • Operation Managers
  • Warehouse Staff
  • Logistics Specialist
  • Transport Drivers
  • Pilot and Flight Crew

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