Be a Pro – A Logistics Plan

Proactivity in the Logistics field while moving goods is key to stay present and be one step ahead of the lead time. AVGO Logistics and Training is a GCAA licensed private firm based in the UAE operated by experienced professionals from the freight forwarding and courier industry and this for us means a good deal.

Logistics services should flow in a way that their customers barely notice them. It can be thought of as an invisible network that connects different partners with good reception until the message is received. Logistics by nature is time sensitive, complex, multiplexed but what is more important is to pattern out who will handle it and how will one handle it in what way can it be handled with what extra step to control the situation. This for us is Proactivity- to go beyond and react before the storm arrives.

Freight forwarders and Logistics partners are between clients and customers, this makes it even more challenging as the solution that they would need to come up with has to be without involving both the parties but rather fulfilling the commitment or service promised to both parties. No customer or client would want to listen to a story of unsuccessful ­delivery. Logistics experts plan and ensure your promise with us is honored, this kind of work happens everywhere and is done in silence. A fruitful, effective strategy.

Proactive logistics is not just alerting customers about their order. Logistics partners are well-positioned to provide updates as they are dealing with several experts over different geographies and supply chains, it is to also act on what can possibly happen and take decisions without any impact on the promise time and Quality of Service. It’s essential to educate customers who want to ship, over different insights and strategies that are currently active in the industry- this helps them be more aware of the situation and provides comprehension over likely issues on Point.

AVGO tries to involve themselves in the customers journey and their business, to work and understand their way of functioning; their goals, and their overall expectation on being served. At all times, Logistics partners should improve the breadth and depth of their experience to offer their clients valuable response to their queries.

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