#1 “There is nothing Impossible for those who try”

At AVGO we are all about our people, as our Mission Statement explains we believe in treating people the way we wish to be treated ourselves. Our success is purely down to the people inside AVGO and in our partner network around the Globe. They go to extraordinary lengths to get the job done for our customers. I am more interested in employing people who have the right attitude rather than experience, on the job experience can be gained but attitude is inbreed.  The way we approach an issue is the key, we are about finding solutions. We also believe in being glass half full people. This attitude governs the way we look at issues and helps us to find the best remedy to our sometimes-complex client needs.

#2 “ Quality is the outcome of combined intelligent effort”

Today, We are mostly confronted by Lithium batteries in most items we use, shipping of such commodities is fraught with potential issues. They are a volatile commodities and need to be prepared properly to avoid issues for those handling them. Our trained staff are experienced in preparing Lithium batteries for transport and ensure that declared elements are checked to be sure to protect those along the transit of the item. When shipping dangerous goods, it’s not too different from shipping general goods except the packaging is the key. A properly packaged Dangerous Goods shipment will ensure that if an incident occurs the environment and the people handling it are protected from any potential threats.

#3 “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late”

At AVGO we spend additional time training and educating our packing teams to understand the importance of good sturdy packaging to ensure customers items arrive intact at the destination. We’ve all seen how some luggage gets handled on and off airplanes so we need to do all we can to secure our customers shipments from any potential damage. It defeats the exercise if items arrive in less than perfect condition at the destination and most importantly, on time.

#4 “Together, everyone achieves more”

I am so proud of our people and the concern they have for their responsibilities whilst preparing and handling shipments. It’s this attitude to their work that ensures we continue to grow by performing for our customers day after day and guarantees that like the first 17 years that AVGO has been offering Dangerous Goods transportation services we will be here for the next 17 years and more doing what we do best, transporting your Dangerous Goods with care.

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